Frequently Asked Question

Continuity of partners is our priority, ask everything that you need to know. We will help you.

Who are you?

1. What is Karta?
Karta is a social-minded technology company that wants to improve the advertising industry in Indonesia. We build a platform that creates a symbiotic relationship of mutualism between companies and drivers through advertising. In addition to increasing the welfare of drivers, advertising has also become more effective, easier and monitored.

2. I want to be Karta’s Driver, how do i do it?
Download Karta application for drivers on the Google App Store, then follow the procedures in the app to register. Complete the profile. After that, wait for our call. We will offer advertising if there any advertisers who are interested in advertising in the area that you pass everyday.
3. What are the minimum requirements to become a Karta’s Driver?
1. Have a motorcycle with good condition (max 8 year of use)
2. Have a SIM, STNK and SKCK
3. Maximum 55 years old.
4. Does Karta share my personal information?
Of course no. We don’t share your personal information. The data that gatherd from our application is used and shared by Karta to our partners anonymously, without any detailed information such as names and contact numbers.