Advertise With Technology

By combining with technology, Karta provides a new way to advertise effectively and straight to target market

More than 15 cities in Indonesia

More than 15.000 driving partners

More than 100.000.000 KM trip

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Why Karta

Traditional advertising are expensive, lackluster and unaccountable. Karta on the other hand has created a system that mitigates this problem, Karta allows clients a flexible and effective advertising platform. Unlike traditional media, the mobile Karta is highly scalable, and targeted. Giving our clients the power to customize their advertising experience. Clients control parameters such as number of drivers, to where and when they advertise. Provide real ad experience.


Advantages of Karta


On top of having the ability to keep track of your armada we also provide weekly and monthly reports. Making sure you are always well informed.


The driver who became Karta's partner understands the advertisement very well, so our driver can explain the product or service from the advertisement.

High Coverage

In contrast to other advertising media, motorcycle able to got the ads across any street in Indonesia. In result that make the advertisement will have much wider range of audience.

Those Who Trust Us